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Information about your incident

  • Dear, follow some guidelines to help you on your report:
  • 1. What happened? Describe as many details as possible.
  • 2. When the reported situation happened, or when it will happen?
  • 3. Where did the situation happen? (Local, department, location).
  • 4. What the names of people involved? (Accused, witnesses).
  • 5. How are you aware about the situation?
  • 6. Are you aware about the reason this situation occurred?
  • 7. Is the company aware about the situation? If so, inform the names of people who knows about it.
  • 8. If appropriate, can you measure the loss in numbers?
  • 9. Are there forms of proof? If you already have some, enter the files in attachment fields.(Maximum size 10MB total in attachments)

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